Gezgin Korsan invites you to Turkey, "Heaven on Earth". Gezgin Korsan is here!

Gezgin Korsan invites you to Turkey, "Heaven on Earth". You have a group called “Gezgin Korsan” (Cruising Pirates) on beautiful coasts of Turkey. You can get support from Gezgin Korsan nearly on every aspect while sailing in Turkey. Gezgin Korsan is a group of more than 10.000 amateur sailors. They communicate over an internet forum ( and social media such as Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Zello. What makes them unique is that they are always present on these platforms with their own photo, boat name and real identities. These volunteers of sea provide assistance and information, free of charge, for a wide range of topics from legislation to technical matters, from recent status of the anchorage areas - marinas to workman - maintenance advice, from supply of spare parts to health problems.

Gezgin Korsan Guide ( is an online guide on which you can perform a search by region and/or type of service. All information is decent and referred by the members of the group. You will find your friends that understand you and offer you a warm chat over a cup of coffee or tea, in all coasts of Turkey, in everywhere you see this flag.

Be a guest of Gezgin Korsan in Turkey.
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